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How to prepare for your UK cycling break

Make sure you are in good health and in sufficient physical condition to handle the exertion required by the trip.

Please read this information carefully to find out which grade is most suited to your level of fitness and the type of cycling holiday you have in mind. To make the most of your UK Bike Tours holiday it is essential and your responsibility to choose a trip that is well within your capabilities. All our active holidays are graded and clearly marked on the trip page.


"The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy yourself."


We recommend preparing for your UK cycling holiday with us. 
The best training is to practice what you are going to be doing: cycling uphill, downhill and cross-country (on uneven terrain). Train and build up gradually to avoid causing yourself an injury. Use your gear before departure (boots, day-pack, clothing, etc.) as this gives familiarity and comfort while on your trip, and helps identify any potential problems.


All mountains have uphill and downhill sections and by definition cycling demand some effort. However all things are relative, and these grades assume that you are a reasonably active person who enjoys cycling. Few trips are extreme and most allow ample time for sightseeing and enjoying the scenery. If in doubt about the grade of any holiday, please contact us for advice. You can also chat with our team about the right travel insurance for you.

Grade 1 – Introductory

These trips involve walking for four to five hours per day of cycling for 15-50 km per day at a slow but steady pace. You will need a reasonable level of fitness and good health.

Suggested Preparation
30 minutes of aerobic-type exercise (either road cycling or jogging), three times a week for three months leading up to your trip.  


Grade 2 – Introductory to Moderate

These trips involve a combination of what is described in our Introductory and Moderate levels. The emphasis is on introductory activity but including several moderate stages.


Grade 3 – Moderate

These adventures involve cycling for up to 65 km per day, at a steady pace. You will need a good level of fitness and be in good health.

Suggested Preparation
45 minutes of aerobic-type exercise (road cycling or jogging) three times a week for three months leading up to your trip.


Grade 4 – Moderate to Challenging

This trip grading involves a combination of what is described in our Moderate and Challenging levels. The emphasis is on moderate activity but including several challenging stages.


Grade 5 – Challenging

These active holidays involve cycling for up to 80 km per day over undulating terrain, with some steep and sustained hills. You will need an excellent level of fitness, be prepared to carry a daypack weighing up to 8 kg and be completely comfortable in adverse weather conditions.

Suggested Preparation
1 hour of aerobic-type exercise five times a week for three to six months leading up to your trip. We also recommend regular road cycling in variable weather conditions.


Feel free to contact our team of cycling experts for more details on our trip grading.


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