Malham Yorkshire Dales, (c)Paul Harris Photography
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If you've been on a self-guided cycling holiday in the UK with us, we'd love to hear your feedback. Whether in pictures, videos or words, we take pride in knowing you had a good ride with us. And it's not only the UK Bike Tours team that will appreciate seeing your review, other cyclists may find your feedback just as useful. 

There are several places where you can leave a review of your travels with us:


Have more to share?

You might have a lot more to share than would fit in a simple Facebook recommendation or Google Review. Our blog is a fantastic place to showcase all your images, words and experiences of your UK cycling holiday. Just get in touch via the contact form or send an email to info@uk-biketours.com and we'll get back to you with a list of questions that you could answer.

Most cyclists would be keen to hear from you about topics like:

  • Why you chose the cycling trip that you did
  • What kind of cyclist you are and how you prepared for the trip
  • Most memorable moment of your bike tour
  • The British food - and drinks!
  • What you liked most about our services
  • Challenging moments you may have experienced
  • What your expectations were and how these turned out
  • Your favourite destination

Videos & Photos

They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and we would love to feature your footage throughout our website, facebook and Instagram. Did you take some stunning visuals on your bike tour in the UK? Feel free to send it to us via info@uk-biketours.com with a short description of the location and moment you took it so that we can consider sharing it with the rest of the world. 



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